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Welcome to Pete's Tire Barns Trailer Tire Store

We stock a wide range of trailer tire and tires wheels to suit your needs. We have 19 stores spread across New England with shipping available through our online store across the US. Our centrally located distrubtion center has the greatest inventory of boat trailer tires, cargo trailer tires, horse trailer tires, stock trailer tires, utility trailer tires and specialyt trailer tires under one roof. We offer trailer tires for both commerical and recreational trailers

We carry only the highest quality brand trailer trires and wheels from the top vendors including:

carlisle trailer tires double coin trailer tires Greenball Trailer Tires  
Carlisle Trailer Tires Doublecoin Trailer Tires Greenball Trailer Tires  

Find the right trailer tires here, research trailer tires and buy trailer tires online.

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